November 24th, 2011

At home

What does it take?

I need some advice about career choices. If anybody reading this has any clue regarding my query, please do enlighten me. I'll be deeply indebted to you, for the rest of my life. Any jokes on this subject are really NOT invited.

What does it take to make enough money to pay off a loan of 10 lakh fairly quick, save money for further education (it can range from a PhD in sociology/linguistics to a second MBA), make music (and find good musicians to work with where ever I go) and land a job which 'lets' me travel around 3months a year in decent amount of comfort.

PS: I also wish to buy a high end camera. So basically more money for the same.
At home

(no subject)

It's the calling to go back home. I wish I can take up the pursuit of pure Hindustani Classical soon and wake up to my mom singing as she goes finishing her daily chores. Sometimes you don't even realise when your soul is possessed by an inanimate spirit.