August 12th, 2011

At home

Much Love

Every once in a while, what i write has been borrowed from our shared memories. This is the first one, which I am intentionally writing for you. Why here on this almost dead blog? Partially because I have been itching to post here for quite a while, partially ‘coz I want you to read this blog, once in a while.

It’s a beautiful thing to have a companion like you through my fairly “lucky” life. Why lucky, you might ask. It’s a fairly new feeling to me. I am hoping, if you don’t already feel so, you will find the same in due course of time.

The world in its warped ways nonetheless ensures we all find “our” happiness. It might be a breezy evening for someone, 10 rupees for another, company of friends, sense of power, sleep, food or the happy high of intoxication.  Be kind, be patient, be smart – it’s a different life out there.

But most of all, live your life. Find your rights and wrongs, break them and see if you like it otherwise. But always be “aware”.

I miss our joint projects during summer , during birthdays and anniversaries. I am proud, very much so, that you followed your heart. I am overwhelmed that you trusted me all along with your choices. I can’t wait to see how you paint your future, find your dreams. Amidst all the growing up, I hope you do slow down every now and then, to hide a piece of your less grown up self, for me to be reminded of the memories we share.

Much love,


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