March 19th, 2011

At home

The question is - Why?

I have an exam in 12 hrs and trust me, it's not really one of those where you can get away with pfaffing. But I just can't make myself study (fine, that is the story everytime but this time the excuse is not same as everytime). What has truly been bothering me, eating me up from inside, crumbling my soul and creating an urgent need to obliterate the memories of certain "good" friends of mine.

Until now I had heard from wise people with grey hair, that friends who got married, vanished in a lost world and hardly ever emerged out of it. And, at this point in my life when the last thing I want to think about is shaadi-waadi (I am from a bong family, we don't get married unless we have a few grey hairs on our head and the kids of our friends have passed out of kinder garten.) I am perfectly fine with this system.

My problem is that suddenly everybody seems to get engaged/married. And, somehow they can't keep this news to themselves, they need to put up their pictures on fb, change their status messages and engage in nauseating facebook display of affection (FDA).

The bigger problem is stumbling upon them unknowingly. So, it happened that a few of my friends who had gone missing in the last few months, emerged only to change their fb albums first and then, fb relationship status!

Why not change the status first, give the public a heads up and then upload pictures of shaadi-waadi.

I just feel that I'm losing my friends to marriage, one by one.

It's a sad sad moment in my life. blah.

PS: For the records, however cute kids be (agreed they are really cute) nobody should forget that at the end of the day, they are stupid and manipulative bullies. x-(